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Google Penguin penalty killed your blog… This is how to revive it

If you’ve ever done any SEO, I bet you’ve heard of Google Penguin. Gives a
bitter taste to your mouth. Doesn’t it?
Google Penguin was the infamous Google algorithm update that penalized a 
website for creating backlinks on low-value sites… Which was basically the
entire SEO strategy of every SEO company all through the 2000s.
So if you’ve ever hired an SEO company, used a software to create backlinks,
or created backlinks to your site on your own, there are very good chances 
that you’ve got a Penguin penalty.
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After the Penguin struck first in October 2013, hundreds of thousands of
websites were penalized. Many website still don’t know their sites are dying
because of this… They just watch their traffic dwindling month after month.
Even blogs or websites that have survived Penguin are getting choked and 
growing slower than they should all because of Penguin. It’s because every
bad backlink is costing you… The more you have, the more trouble you are in.
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But here’s a silver lining. There’s a way to get rid of the bad backlinks -
Disavow files! Penguin Recovery Jeet, an all new software from Cyril ‘Jeet’ 
which gives you a very easy, 100% automated way to detect them.
It uses more than 25 parameters to detect bad backlinks. The kind of analysis
that if done manually would take you weeks and then it creates the Disavow
file. All on auto.
Penguin Recovery Jeet is a perfect alternative to those expensive $99 a month 
solutions that cost you an arm and a leg to implement!
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